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  • Environmental Molecule Recognition and Sensing


    Environmental molecule recognition and sensing group focuses on the research in bioanalysis, biosensing, environmental analysis, the development and applications of new analytical methods, the applications of new affinity ligands in molecular recognition, analysis, and separation. The research interest also include the application of nanomaterials in analysis and sensing, sensitive assays and separation of proteins and small molecules relevant to environment and health, and the study of molecular recognition and molecular interactions.

    Selected publications

    1. L. Guo, Q. Zhao*, Thrombin-linked aptamer assay for detection of platelet derived growth factor BB on magnetic beads in a sandwich format, Talanta, 2016, 158, 159-164.
    2. L. Guo, L. Hao, Q. Zhao*An aptamer assay using rolling circle amplification coupled with thrombin catalysis for protein detection, Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 2016, 408, 4715-4722.
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    Supported Projects

    1. National Natural Science Foundation of China, Study of aptamer-based affinity analysis of biological toxin (2016-2019), host
    2. National Natural Science Foundation of China, Methodology and Technique of Single-Molecule Fluorescence Polarization Analysis for Protein-Nucleic Acid Interaction (2015-2019), participant