Name Sijin Liu Gender male
Phone 8610-62849330 Email 8610-62849330
Group name Environmental Pollution and Health Impact
a) the mechanisms responsible for environmental pollutant-mediated oncogenic effects; b) nanotoxicity.

Education and Appointments

Dr. Sijin Liu is currently a professor at the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). He received Ph.D from the Institute of Developmental Biology and Genetics, CAS, in 2004. Thereafter, he received the postdoc training in hematology and oncology at MIT and Harvard Medical School from 2004 to 2008. Afterwards, he became an instructor at Tufts Medical School from in 2008. Dr. Liu moved to the current position at the end of 2009. Dr. Liu is a recipient of the NSFC “Outstanding Yong Scientist” award and CAS “One Hundred Talent Program” award, and is also the chief scientist of “National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program)”.

Selected Publications

  1. Chen, Y., Xu, M., Zhang, J., Ma, J., Gao, M., Zhang, Z.*, Xu, Y., Liu, S.* (2016) Genome-wide DNA methylation variations upon engineered nanomaterials and their implications in nanosafety assessment. Adv Mater. In press.
  2. Xu, M., Zhu, J., Wang, F., Xiong, Y., Wu, Y., Wang, Q., Weng, J.*, Zhang, Z.*, Chen, W., Liu, S.* (2016) Improved In Vitro and In Vivo Biocompatibility of Graphene Oxide through Surface Modification: Poly(Acrylic Acid)-Functionalization is Superior to PEGylation. ACS Nano. 10:3267-81.
  3. Wang, S., Shang, L., Li, L., Yu, Y., Chi, C., Wang, K., Zhang, J., Shi, R., Shen, H., Waterhouse, GI., Liu, S.*, Tian, J., Zhang, T.*, Liu, H.*. (2016) Metal-Organic-Framework-Derived Mesoporous Carbon Nanospheres Containing Porphyrin-Like Metal Centers for Conformal Phototherapy. Adv Mater. 28:8379-87.
  4. Ma, J., Liu, R., Wang, X., Liu, Q., Chen, Y., Valle, RP., Zuo, YY., Xia, T.*, Liu, S.* (2015) Crucial Role of Lateral Size for Graphene Oxide in Activating Macrophages and Stimulating Pro-inflammatory Responses in Cells and Animals. ACS Nano. 9:10498-515.
  5. Qian, Y., Zhang, J., Hu, Q., Xu, M., Chen, Y., Hu, G., Zhao, M.*, Liu, S.* (2015) Silver nanoparticle-induced hemoglobin decrease involves alteration of histone 3 methylation status. Biomaterials. 70:12-22.
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  11. Qu, G., Zhang, C., Yuan, L., He, J., Wang, Z., Wang, L., Liu, S.*, and Jiang, G. (2012). Quantum Dots Impair Macrophagic Morphology and the Ability of Phagocytosis by Inhibiting the Rho-Associated Kinase Signaling. Nanoscale. 4: 2239-44.
  12. Suragani, R.N., Zachariah, R.S., Velazquez, J.G., Liu, S., Sun, C.W., Townes, T.M., and Chen, J.J. (2012) Heme-regulated eIF2alpha kinase activated Atf4 signaling pathway in oxidative stress and erythropoiesis. Blood. 119:5276-84.
  13. Liu, S., Goldstein, R.H., Scepansky, E.M., and Rosenblatt, M. (2009). Inhibition of Rho-Associated Kinase Signaling Prevents Breast Cancer Metastasis to Human Bone. Cancer Res. 69: 8742-51.
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Supported Projects

1.    Strategic Priority Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: Environmental exposure and health hazard mechanism of typical pollutants, 2014-2018. Type B.

2.    National “973” program: Study of environmental processes in water, consequential biological effects and correlative physicochemical regulations of the representative engineered nanomaterials, 2014-2018. Chair.

3.    NSFC “Outstanding Yong Scientist” award grant: Environmental toxicity and pollutant-induced health effects. 2015-2019. Chair.

4.    NSFC Major grant: The embryonic toxicity of metal nanomaterials with high-risk of environmental exposure. 2016-2020. Chair.


1. 2015, the China Youth Science and Technology Award.

2. 2015, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Yong Scientist Award.

3. 2014, the “Excellent” Award for CAS Hundreds Talents Program.