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  κ-Selenocarrageenan prevents microcystin-LR-induced hepatotoxicity in BALB c mice Jing Wang, Shouyi Yu, Shouhai, Jiao, Xiaowen Lv, Min Ma, Yuguo Du Food and Chemical Toxicology 2013, 59, 303, 310
  In vitro biotransformation of PBDEs by root crude enzyme extracts: Potential role of nitrate reductase (NaR) and glutathione S-transferase (GST) in their debromination Honglin Huang, Shuzhen Zhang, Sen Wang, Jitao Lv Chemosphere 2013, 90, 1885-1892
  Study of cytotoxic effects of single-walled carbon nanotubes functionalized with different chemical groups on human MCF7 cells Maoyong Song, Luzhe Zeng, Shaopeng Yuan, Junfa Yin, Hailin Wang, Guibin Jiang Chemosphere 2013, 92, 576-582
  Formation and contamination of PCDD Fs, PCBs, PeCBz, HxCBz and polychlorophenols in the production of 2,4-D products  Liu, W.B., Li, H., Tao, F., Li, S., Tian, Z., Xie, H. Chemosphere, 2013, 92, 304-308 
  Polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin and dibenzofuran and polychlorinated biphenyl emissions from different smelting stages in secondary copper metallurgy Hu, J.C.; Zheng, M.H.; Nie, Z.Q.; Liu, W.B.; Liu, G. R.; Zhang, B.; Xiao, K.  Chemosphere 2013, 90, 89-94
  Synergetic effect of alkaline earth metal oxides and iron oxides on the degradation of hexachlorobenzene and its degradation pathway Guijin Su*, Yexuan Liu, Linyan Huang, Yali Shi, Aiqian Zhang, Lixia Zhang, Wenbin Liu, Lirong Gao, Minghui Zheng Chemosphere 2013, 90(1), 103-111
  Atmospheric emission of polychlorinated biphenyls from multiple industrial thermal processes Liu, G.R., Zheng, M.H., Cai, M.W, Nie, Z.Q., Zhang, B., Liu, W.B., Du, B., Dong, S.J., Hu, J., Xiao, K Chemosphere 2013, 90, 2453-2460
  Spatial distribution and inter-year variation of hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) and tris-(2,3-dibromopropyl) isocyanurate (TBC) in farm soils at a peri-urban region Thanh Wang, Shanlong Han, Ting Ruan, Yawei Wang, Jiayong Feng, Guibin Jiang Chemosphere 2013, 90, 2, 182-187
  Effects of polycyclic musks HHCB and AHTN on steroidogenesis in H295R cells Zhuona Li, Nuoya Yin, Qian Liu, Chang Wang, Thanh Wang, Yichen Wang, Guangbo Qu, Jiyan Liu,Yaqi Cai, Qunfang Zhou, Guibin Jiang Chemosphere 2013, 90, 3, 1227-1235
  Hydroxylated polybrominated diphenyl ethers (OH-PBDEs) in biosolids from municipal wastewater treatment plants in China Jianteng Sun, Jiyan Liu, Qian Liu, Ting Ruan, Miao Yu, Yawei Wang, Thanh Wang, Guibin Jiang Chemosphere 2013, 90, 9, 2388-2395
  Hydroxylated and methoxylated polybrominated diphenyl ethers in mollusks from Chinese coastal areas Jianteng Sun, Jiyan Liu, Yanwei Liu, Guibin Jiang Chemosphere 2013, 92, 3, 322-328
  Occupational exposure to synthetic musks in barbershops, compared with the common exposure in the dormitories and households Nannan Liu, Yali Shi, Lin Xu, Wenhui Li, Yaqi Cai Chemosphere 2013, 93, 1804–1810
  Occurrence and removal of antibiotics in a municipal wastewater reclamation plant in Beijing, China Wenhui Li, Yali Shi, Lihong Gao, Jiemin Liu, Yaqi Cai Chemosphere 2013, 92(4), 534-544
  Synergistic Effects of Perfluoroalkyl Acids Mixtures with J-shaped Concentration-Responses on Viability of A Human Liver Cell Line Hu JY, Li J, Wang JS, Zhang AQ, Dai JY Chemosphere 2014, 96: 81-88
  Single-walled carbon nanotubes and graphene oxides induceautophagosome accumulation and lysosome impairment in primarilycultured murine peritoneal macrophages Wan, B*.; Wang Z. X.; Lv, Q. Y.; Dong, P. X.; Zhao, LX; Yang, Y; Guo, L. H* Toxicology Letters 2013, 221, 118-127
  Adsorption of Enrofloxacin on montmorillonite: Two-dimensional correlation ATR FTIR spectroscopy study Yan Wei, Zhang Jianfeng, Jing Chuanyong Journal of colloid and interface science 2013, 390, 196-203
  Distribution of polychlorinated biphenyls in an urban riparian zone affected by wastewater treatment plant effluent and the transfer to terrestrial compartment by invertebrates Junchao Yu, Thanh Wang, Shanlong Han, Pu Wang, Qinghua Zhang, Guibin Jiang SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 2013, 463, 252-257
  Occurrence, distribution and potential affecting factors of antibiotics in sewage sludge of wastewater treatment plants in China Wenhui Li, Yali Shi, Lihong Gao, Jiemin Liu, Yaqi Cai Science of the Total Environment 2013, 445-446, 306-313
  Evaluation of the biological fate and the transport through biological barriers of nanosilver in mice Wang Z, Qu G, Su L, Wang L, Yang Z, Jiang J, Liu S*, Jiang G. Current Pharmaceutical Design 2013, 19, 37, 6691-6697
  Evaluation of different extraction procedures for determination of organic Mercury species in petroleum by high performance liquid chromatography coupled with cold vapor atomic fluorescence spectrometry Zhaojun Yun, Bin He, ZhenhuaWang, ThanhWang, GuibinJiang TALANTA 2013, 106, 60-65
  Trace analysis of mono-, di-, tri-substituted polyfluoroalkyl phosphates and perfluorinated phosphonic acids in sewage sludge by high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry Runzeng Liu, Ting Ruan, Thanh Wang, Shanjun Song, Miao Yu, Yan Gao, Junjuan Shao, Guibin Jiang TALANTA 2013, 111, 170-177
  Rapid determination of tetrabromobisphenol A and its main derivatives in aqueous samples by ultrasound-dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction combined with high-performance liquid chromatography Xuemei Wang, Jiyan Liu, Qian Liu, Xinzhen Du, Guibin Jiang TALANTA 2013, 116, 906-911
  A highly selective and sensitive sugar–rhodamine “turn-on” fluorescent sensor for divalent copper ion detection in acetonitrile Jun-xia Yin, Xing Ma, Guo-hua Wei, Dong-bin Wei, Yu-guo Du Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 2013, 177, 213- 217
  A fluorescein-based probe with high selectivity and sensitivity for sulfite detection in aqueous solution Xing Ma, Chunxia Liu, Guohua Wei, Dongbin Wei, Yuguo Du Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 2013, Volume 188, pp 1196-1200
  Epigenotoxicity of environmental pollutants evaluated by a combination of DNA methylation inhibition and capillary electrophoresis–laser-induced fluorescence immunoassay, Xiaoli Wang, Hailin Wang Analytical and Bioanaltical Chemistry 2013, 405, 2435-2442.
  Common Commercial and Consumer Products Contain Activators of the Aryl Hydrocarbon (Dioxin) Receptor Bin Zhao, Jessica E. S. Bohonowych, Alicia Timme-Laragy, Dawoon Jung, Alessandra A. Affatato, Robert H. Rice, Richard T. Di Giulio, Michael S. Denison PlosOne 2013, 2, 8, 6, e56860
  Ginsenosides Are Novel Naturally- Occurring Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Ligands Qin Hu, Guochun He, Jing Zhao, Anatoly Soshilov, Michael S. Denison, Aiqian Zhang, Huijun Yin,Domenico Fraccalvieri, Laura Bonati, Qunhui Xie, Bin Zhao PlosOne 2013, 6, 8, 6, e66258
  Dechlorane Plus and its dechlorinated analogs from an e-waste recycling center in maternal serum and breast milk of women in Wenling, China Yu-Jie Ben, Xing-Hong Li, You-Lin Yang, Long Li, Jun-Ping Di, Wen-Yue Wang, Ren-Fang Zhou, Ke Xiao, Mei-Yun Zheng, Yuan Tian, Xiao-Bai Xu Environmental Pollution 2013, 173, 176-181
  Characterization of the interaction between cadmium and chlorpyrifos with integrative techniques in incurring synergistic hepatoxicity Chen L, Qu G, Sun X, Zhang S, Wang L, Sang N, Du Y, Liu J, Liu S* PLoS One 2013, 8, 3, e59533
  Levels and distribution of methoxylated and hydroxylated polybrominated diphenyl ethers in plant and soil samples surrounding a seafood processing factory and a seafood market Jianteng Sun, Jiyan Liu, Yanwei Liu, Guibin Jiang ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION 2013, 176, 100-105
  Hexabromocyclododecane in alpine fish from the Tibetan Plateau, China Nali Zhu, Jianjie Fu, Yan Gao, Patrick Ssebugere, Yawei Wang, Guibin Jiang ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION 2013, 181, 7-13
  Hierarchical hollow TiO& x2082; spheres: facile synthesis and improved visible-light photocatalytic activity Guoliang Li, Haiyan Zhang, Jing Lan, Jie Li, Qiuwen Chen, Jiyan Liu,Guibin Jiang DALTON TRANSACTIONS 2013, 42, 24, 8541-8544
  Degradation of polychlorinated biphenyls using mesoporousiron-based spinels Linyan Huang, Guijin Su, Aiqian Zhang, Yali Shi, Chaobo Xia, Huijie Lu, Liewu Li, Sha Liu, Minghui Zheng J. Hazard. Mater. 2013, 261, 451- 462.
  Concentrations, profiles, and emission factors of unintentionally produced persistent organic pollutants in fly ash from coking processes Liu, G.R., Liu, W.B., Cai, Z.W., Zheng, M.H., J. Hazard. Mater. 2013, 261, 421-426
  Transformation of cefazolin during chlorination process: products, mechanism and genotoxicity assessment Li-ping Li, Dong-bin, Guo-hua Wei, Yu-guo Du Journal of Hazardous Materials 2013, 262, 48 - 54
  Plastic antibody for DNA damage: fluorescent imaging of BPDE–dG adducts in genomic DNA Junfa Yin, Zhixin Wang, Maoyong Song, Chao Zhao and Hailin Wang, Analyst 2013, 138, 4958-4966
  Bisphenol A at a low concentration boosts mouse spermatogonial cell proliferation by inducing the G protein-coupled receptor 30 expression Sheng ZG, Tang Y, Liu YX, Zhu BZ. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 267: 88-94
  Ofloxacin induces NADPH oxidase-driven ROS accumulation via β1 integrin-EGFR-Rac1 pathway in microencapsulated chondrocytes Sheng ZG, Huang W, Liu YX, Yuan Y, Zhu B.Z. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 267: 74-87
  Lethal synergism between organic and inorganic wood preservatives via formation of an unusual Lipophilic ternary complex Sheng ZG, Li Y, Fan RM, Chao XJ, Zhu B.Z. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 266: 335-344
  Hydroxylated polybrominated diphenyl ethers exhibit different activities on thyroid hormone receptors depending on their degree of bromination Ren, X.M.; Guo, L. H.*; Gao, Y.; Zhang, B. T.; Wan, B. Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 2013, 268, 256-263
  Structure-dependent activities of hydroxylated polybrominated diphenyl ethers on human estrogen receptor Li, X. X.; Gao, Y.; Guo, L. H.*; Jiang, G. B Toxicology 2013, 15-22
  Characterization of mercury-containing protein in human plasma Zhaojun Yun, Lu Li, Lihong Liu, Bin He,Xingchen Zhao, Guibin Jiang METALLOMICS 2013, 5, 7, 821-827
  Quantum dots (QDs) restrain human cervical carcinoma HeLa cell proliferation through inhibition of the ROCK-c-Myc signaling Chen L, Qu G, Zhang C, Zhang S, He J, Sang N, Liu S* Integr Biol (Camb) 2013, 5, 3, 590-596
  Facile preparation of glutathione-stabilized gold nanoclusters for selective determination of chromium (III) and chromium (VI) in environmental water samples Haiyan Zhang, Qian Liu, Thanh Wang, Zhaojun Yun, Guoliang Li, Jiyan Liu, Guibin Jiang ANALYTICA CHIMICA ACTA 2013, 770, 140-146
  Simultaneous determination of five estrogens and four androgens in water samples by online solid-phase extraction coupled with high-performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry Feng Guo, Qian Liu, Guang-bo Qu, Shan-jun Song, Jian-teng Sun, Jian-bo Shi, Gui-bin Jiang JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A 2013, 1281, 9-18
  Speciation analysis of arsenic compounds by capillary electrophoresis on-line coupled with inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry using a novel interface Lihong Liu, Bin He, Zhaojun Yun, Jing Sun, Guibin Jiang JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY A 2013, 1304, 227-233
  Preparation of polydopamine coated Fe& x2083;O& x2084; nanoparticles and their application for enrichment of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from environmental water samples Yixuan Wang, Saihua Wang, Hongyun Niu, Yurong Ma, Tao Zeng, Yaqi Cai, Zhaofu Meng Journal of Chromatography A 2013, 1283, 20- 26
  Transformation mechanism of benzophenone-4 in free chlorine promoted chlorination disinfection Ming Xiao, Dong-bin Wei, Jun-xia Yin, Guo-hua Wei, Yu-guo Du Water Research 2013, 47, 16, 6223-6233
  Occurrence and fate of volatile siloxanes in a municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant of Beijing, China Lin Xu, Yali Shi, Yaqi Cai Water Research 2013, 47, 715-724
  Molecular-Scale Study of Salicylate Adsorption and Competition with Catechol at Goethite Aqueous Solution Interface Yang Yanli, Duan Jinming, Jing, Chuanyong Journal of physical chemistry C 2013, 117, 20, 10597-10606
  Insights into Propranolol Adsorption on TiO& x2082;: Spectroscopic and Molecular Modeling Study Cong Ye, Shan Hu,Wei Yan, Jinming Duan,Chuanyong Jing Journal of physical chemistry C 2013, 117, 11, 5785-5791
  Polydopamine-coated magnetic nanoparticles for enrichment and direct detection of small molecule pollutants coupled with MALDITOF-MS Yurong Ma, Xiaole Zhang, Tao Zeng, Dong Cao, Zhen Zhou, Wenhui Li, Hongyun Niu, Yaqi Cai ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 2013, 5, 1024−1030
  Two-Dimensional Interface Engineering of a Titania−Graphene Nanosheet Composite for Improved Photocatalytic Activity Jing Sun, Hui Zhang,* Liang-Hong Guo,* and Lixia Zhao ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2013, 5, 13035-13041
  Proteomic Analysis of Human Keratinocyte Response to 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo‑p‑Dioxin (TCDD) Exposure Qin Hu, Robert H. Rice, Qin Qin, Brett S. Phinney, Richard A. Eigenheer, Wenjun Bao,Bin Zhao Journal of Proteome Research 2013, 12, 5340-5347
  In Vivo Metabolism of 2,2’,4,4’-Tetrabromodiphenyl Ether (BDE-47) in Young Whole Pumpkin Plant Sun JT, Liu JY, Yu M, Wang C, Sun YZ, Zhang AQ, Wang T, Zhen L, Jiang GB. Environmental Science and Technology 2013, 47: 3701-3707
  Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone Promotes DNA Cleavage by a ROS Independent and Depurination Mechanism Maoyong Song, Luzhe Zeng, Xianjun Hong, Zihui Meng, Junfa Yin, Hailin Wang, Yong Liang, Guibin Jiang, Environmental Science and Technology 2013, 47, 2886-2891
  Mono- to Octa-Chlorinated PCDD Fs in Stack Gas from Typical Waste Incinerators and Their Implications on Emission Liu, W.B., Li, H., Tao, F., Li, S., Tian, Z., Xie, H., Environ Sci Technol, 2013, 47, 9774-9780.
  Perspective on the Inclusion of Polychlorinated Naphthalenes as a Candidate POP in Annex C of the Stockholm Convention  Liu, G. R., Zheng, M.H., Environ. Sci. Technol. 2013, 47, 8093-8094
  Assessment on the occupational exposure of manufacturing workers to dechlorane plus through blood and hair analysis Haidong Zhang, Pu Wang, Yingming Li, Hongtao Shang, Yawei Wang, Thanh Wang, Qinghua Zhang*, Guibin Jiang Environmental Science & Technology 2013, 47: 10567-10573
  PolybrominatedDiphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) in Aborted Human Fetuses and Placental Transfer during the First Trimester of Pregnancy Ya-Xian Zhao, Xian-Li Ruan, Yan Li, Min-Chan Yan, Zhan-Fen Qin * Environ Sci Technol 2013, 47(11): 5939-5946.
  Identification of tetrabromobisphenol A allyl ether and tetrabromobisphenol A 2,3-dibromopropyl ether in the ambient environment near a manufacturing site and in mollusks at a coastal region Qu G, Liu A, Wang T, Zhang C, Fu J, Yu M, Sun J, Zhu N, Li Z, Wei G, Du Y, Shi J*, Liu S*, Jiang G. Environ Sci Technol 2013, 47, 9, 4760-4767
  Influence of E-Waste Dismantling and Its Regulations: Temporal Trend, Spatial Distribution of Heavy Metals in Rice Grains and Its Potential Health Risk Fu JJ, Zhang AQ, Wang T, Qu GB, Shao J, Yuan B, Wang YW, Jiang GB. Environmental Science and Technology 2013, 47:7437-7445
  Fate of Arsenate Adsorbed on Nano-TiO& x2082;in the Presence of Sulfate Reducing Bacteria Ting Luo, Haixia Tian, Zhi Guo,Guoqiang Zhuang, Chuanyong Jing Environmental Science & Technology 2013, 47, 19, 10939-10946
  Arsenic Levels and Speciation from Ingestion Exposures to Biomarkers in Shanxi, China: Implications for Human Health Jinli Cui, Jianbo Shi, Guibin Jiang, and Chuanyong Jing Environmental Science & Technology 2013, 47, 10, 5419-5424
  Altitudinal and spatial signature of persistent organic pollutants in soil, lichen, conifer needles and bark of the southeast Tibetan Plateau: Implications for sources and environmental cycling Ruiqiang Yang, Shujuan Zhang, An Li, Guibin Jiang, Chuanyong Jing Environmental Science & Technology 2013, 47, 22, 12736-12743
  Behavior, Fate, and Mass Loading of Short Chain Chlorinated Paraffins in an Advanced Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant Lixi Zeng,Huijuan Li,Thanh Wang,Yan Gao,Ke Xiao,Yuguo Du,Yawei Wang,Guibin Jiang ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 2013, 47, 2, 732-740
  In Vivo Metabolism of 2,2 ,4,4 -Tetrabromodiphenyl Ether (BDE-47) in Young Whole Pumpkin Plant Jianteng Sun, Jiyan Liu,Miao Yu, Chang Wang, Yuzhen Sun, Aiqian Zhang, Thanh Wang, Zhen Lei,Guibin Jiang ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 2013,47,8,3701-3707
  Identification of Tetrabromobisphenol A Allyl Ether and Tetrabromobisphenol A 2,3-Dibromopropyl Ether in the Ambient Environment near a Manufacturing Site and in Mollusks at a Coastal Region Guangbo Qu , Aifeng Liu , Thanh Wang , Chaoli Zhang , Jianjie Fu , Miao Yu , Jianteng Sun , Nali Zhu , Zhuona Li , Guohua Wei , Yuguo Du , Jianbo Shi, Sijin Liu, Guibin Jiang ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 2013, 47, 9, 4760-4767
  Source and Migration of Short-Chain Chlorinated Paraffins in the Coastal East China Sea Using Multiproxies of Marine Organic Geochemistry Zongshan Zhao,Huijuan Li,Yawei Wang,Guoliang Li,Yali Cao,Lixi Zeng,Jing Lan,Thanh Wang,Guibin Jiang ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 2013, 47, 10, 5013-5022
  Aerobic Soil Biotransformation of 6:2 Fluorotelomer Iodide Ting Ruan, Bogdan Szostek, Patrick W. Folsom, Barry W. Wolstenholme, Runzeng Liu, Jiyan Liu, Guibin Jiang, Ning Wang, Robert C. Buck ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 2013, 47, 20, 11504-11511
  Spatial Distributions and Deposition Chronology of Short Chain Chlorinated Paraffins in Marine Sediments across the Chinese Bohai and Yellow Seas Lixi Zeng, Ru Chen, Zongshan Zhao, Thanh Wang, Yan Gao, An Li, Yawei Wang, Guibin Jiang, Liguang Sun ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 2013, 47, 20, 11449-11456
  On the Environmental Health Effects and Socio-Economic Considerations of the Potential Listing of Short-Chain Chlorinated Paraffins into the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants Thanh Wang, Yawei Wang, Guibin Jiang ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 2013, 47, 21, 11924-11925
  Metabolites of 2,4,4′-Tribrominated Diphenyl Ether (BDE-28) in Pumpkin after In Vivo and In Vitro Exposure Miao Yu, Jiyan Liu, Thanh Wang, Jianteng Sun, Runzeng Liu, and Guibin Jiang ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 2013, 47, 23, 13494-13501
  Occurrence and transport of perfluoroalkyl acids (PFAAs), including short-chain PFAAs in Tangxun lake, China Zhen Zhou, Yong Liang, Yali Shi, Lin Xu, Yaqi Cai Environmental Science & Technology 2013, 47, 9249−9257
  Assessment of Estrogenic Effects of Perfluoroalkyl Acids by Monitoring Ligand-induced Conformation State of Human Estrogen Receptor Y. Gao, X. Li, L.-H. Guo* Environmental Science & Technology 2013,47,634-641
  Structure-Based Investigation on the Interaction of Perfluorinated Compounds with Human Liver Fatty Acid Binding Protein Lianying Zhang, Xiao-Min Ren, and Liang-Hong Guo* Environmental Science & Technology 2013, 47, 11293-11301
  Occupational Exposure to Polychlorinated Dibenzo‑p‑dioxins and Dibenzofurans, Dioxin-like Polychlorinated Biphenyls, and Polychlorinated Naphthalenes in Workplaces of Secondary Nonferrous Metallurgical Facilities in China Hu, J. C.; Zheng, M. H.; Liu, W. B.; Li, C. L.; Nie, Z. Q.; Liu, G. R.; Xiao, K.; Dong, S. J. Environ. Sci. Technol. 2013, 47, 7773-7779.
  Molecular mechanism of metal-independent decomposition of lipid hydroperoxide 13-HPODE by halogenated quinoid carcinogens Qin H, Huang CH, Mao L, Xia HY, Kalyanaraman B, Shao J, Shan GQ, Zhu BZ. Free Radical Biology and Medicine 63: 459-466
  Potent methyl oxidation of 5-methyl-2’-deoxycytidine by halogenated quinoid carcinogens and hydrogen peroxide via a metal-independent mechanism Shao J, Huang CH, Kalyanaraman B, Zhu B.Z. Free Radical Biology and Medicine 60: 177-184
  An Ammonium Bicarbonate-Enhanced Stable Isotope Dilution UHPLC-MS MS Method for Sensitive and Accurate Quantification of Acrolein-DNA Adducts in Human Leukocytes Ruichuan Yin, Shengquan Liu, Chao Zhao, Meiling Lu, Moon-shong Tang, and Hailin Wang, Analytical Chemistry 2013, 85, 3190-3197
  Label-Free and Selective Photoelectrochemical Detection of Chemical DNA Methylation Damage Using DNA Repair Enzymes Yiping Wu, Bintian Zhang, Liang-Hong Guo* Analytical Chemistry 2013, 85, 6908-6914
  In situ growth of gold nanoparticles onto polydopamine-encapsulated magnetic microspheres for catalytic reduction of nitrobenzene Tao Zeng, Xiaole Zhang, Hongyun Niu, Yurong Ma, Wenhui Li, Yaqi Cai Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 2013, 134-135, 26-33
  Mildly Oxidized Graphene: Facile Synthesis, Characterization, and Application as a Matrix in MALDI Mass Spectrometry Qian Liu, Mengting Cheng,Guibin Jiang CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL 2013, 19, 18, 5561-5565
  Adsorption characteristics of 1,2,4-trichlorobenzene, 2,4,6- trichlorophenol, 2-naphthol and naphthalene on grapheme and graphene oxide Zhiguo Pei, Lingyun Li, Lixiang Sun, Shuzhen Zhang, Xiao-quan Shan, Shuang Yang, Bei Wen, Carbon 2013, 51, 156-163
  A double-shelled yolk-like structure as an ideal magnetic support of tiny gold nanoparticles for nitrophenol reduction Tao Zeng, Xiaole Zhang, SaihuaWang, Yurong Ma, Hongyun Niu, Yaqi Cai Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2013, 1, 11641-11647
  Chemiluminescence of carbon dots under strong alkaline solutions: a novel insight into carbon dot optical properties Zhao, LX.*; Di, F.; Wang, DB.; Guo, L. H.*; Yang, Y.; Wan, B.; Zhang, H Nanoscale 2013, 5, 2655-2658
  Bioaccumulation of PCDD Fs, PCBs and PBDEs by earthworms in field soils of an E-waste dismantling area in China Hongtao Shang, Pu Wang, Thanh Wang, Yawei Wang, Haidong Zhang, Jianjie Fu, Daiwei Ren, Weihai Chen, Qinghua Zhang, Guibin Jiang Environment International 2013, 54, 50-58
  Dioxin analysis in China  Liu, G.R., Zheng, M.H., Cai, Z.W., Wu, Y.N., Jiang, G.B. Trends Anal. Chem. 2013, 46, 178-188
  The first purification and unequivocal characterization of the radical form of the carbon-centered quinone ketoxy radical adduct Huang, C. H.; Shan, G. Q.; Mao, L.; Kalyanaraman, B.; Qin, H.; Ren, F. R.; Zhu, B. Z. Chemical Communications 49: 6436-6438
  A functional rattle-type microsphere with a magnetic-carbon double-layered shell for enhanced extraction of organic targets Tao Zeng, Xiaole Zhang, Yurong Ma, Saihua Wang, Hongyun Niu, Yaqi Cai Chemical Communication 2013, 49, 6039-6041
  Perspectives of the Development Strategies for a Future Toxicity Testing System in China: Challenges and Opportunities Bin Zhao Environmen-tal Health Perspectives 2013, 9, 121, 9, A264-265
  AhR-Mediated Effects of Dioxin on Neuronal Acetylcholinesterase Expression in Vitro Heidi Qunhui Xie, Hai-Ming Xu, Hua-Ling Fu, Qin Hu, Wen-Jing Tian, Xin-Hui Pei, and Bin Zhao Environmen-tal Health Perspectives 2013, 5, 121, 5, 613-618
  Silver nanoparticle exposure attenuates the viability of rat cerebellum granule cells through apoptosis coupled to oxidative stress Yin N, Liu Q, Liu J, He B, Cui L, Li Z, Yun Z, Qu G, Liu S, Zhou Q*, Jiang G. Small 2013, 9, (9-10), 1831-1841
  Silver Nanoparticle Exposure Attenuates the Viability of Rat Cerebellum Granule Cells through Apoptosis Coupled to Oxidative Stress Nuoya Yin, Qian Liu, Jiyan Liu, Bin He, Lin Cui, Zhuona Li, Zhaojun Yun, Guangbo Qu, Sijin Liu, Qunfang Zhou, Guibin Jiang SMALL 2013, 9, 10, 1831-1841
  Exposure of single-walled carbon nanotubes impairs the functions of primarily cultured murine peritoneal macrophages P.-X. Dong, B. Wan*, Z.-X. Wang, L.-H. Guo*, Y. Yang, L. Zhao Nanotoxicology 2013, 7, 1028-1042
  Ascorbic Acid Enhances Tet-Mediated 5-Methylcytosine Oxidation and Promotes DNA Demethylation in Mammals Ruichuan Yin, Shi-Qing Mao, Bailin Zhao, Zechen Chong, Ying Yang, Chao Zhao, Dapeng Zhang, Hua Huang, Juan Gao, Zheng Li, Yan Jiao, Cuiping Li, Shengquan Liu, Danni Wu, Weikuan Gu, Yun-Gui Yang, Guo-Liang Xu, and Hailin Wang Journal of the American Chemical Society 2013, 135, 10396-10403
  Imaging of Nonuniform Motion of Single DNA Molecules Reveals the Kinetics of Varying-Field Isotachophoresis Shengquan Liu, Bailin Zhao, Dapeng Zhang, Cuiping Li, and Hailin Wang, Journal of the American Chemical Society 2013, 135, 4644-4647
  Silver nanoparticles induced RNA polymerase-silver binding and RNA transcription inhibition in erythroid progenitor cells Wang Z, Liu S*, Ma J, Qu G, Wang X, Yu S, He J, Liu J, Xia T, Jiang GB ACS Nano 2013, 7, 5, 4171-4186
  Graphene oxide induces toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4)-dependent necrosis in macrophages Qu G, Liu S*, Zhang S, Wang L, Wang X, Sun B, Yin N, Gao X, Xia T, Chen JJ, Jiang GB ACS Nano 2013, 7, 7, 5732-5745